Communication Command Vehicle


Communication Command Vehicle

With the self-developed PMR communication equipment and leading PMR communication technologies, as well as talented management and R&D teams, Hytera devotes itself to the communication integration services for the public safety, fire fighting, emergency services (government emergency, power, civil air defense, and safety supervision), operators, forestry, petrochemistry, radio and television, and more. Also, Hytera has rich experience in vehicle refitting business.

Features of Communication Command Vehicle


Intelligent Convergence

Based on the self-developed unified communications platform, Hytera integrates a range of communication technologies including PMR, LTE, and satellite technologies to offer diverse services such as voice and video calls, dispatch, GIS, and more.


Leading Technology

Hytera’s leading 3D design team enables WYSIWYG. The R&D team has mature simulation design capabilities to easily realizes simulation design and optimization of counterweight, heat dissipation, structural strength, dynamic response, etc.


Intelligent Factory

A full range of high-precision machining equipment guarantees the quality of the parts for the refitted vehicles. The anti-corrosion treatment ensures all-around protection. The flexible integration and assembly station realizes mixed production of multiple models of vehicles.


Mature Integration Capability

A wealth of self-developed PMR equipment, command and dispatch system, and the industry leading PMR laboratory.


Professional in Everyway

Hytera has extensive experience in refitting design, communication technology, and vehicle refitting technology.


On-demand Customization

Hytera customizes various professional modified vehicles to meet the customer’s specific needs.


Hytera provides a variety of chasses and customized compartments as per customer needs. Also, Hytera customizes power supply, heat dissipation, damping and other systems for the communication equipment, as well as temperature control, ventilation, lighting, tables and chairs for the equipment operator.