PoC Radio Overview

Communication delays for business organizations related to public safety, transportation and logistics, distribution and warehousing, event services, and retail can create critical issues, reduce worker productivity and hurt your business bottom line. If two-way radios could have the advantages of mobile phones, realize smooth network everywhere, and have various applications, it will provide an extremely convenient and low-cost way of communication.


Start getting real-time, limitless, and transparent communication with Hytera’s market-proof push to talk over cellular (PoC) solutions. Now, you can connect with your team anytime, anywhere, based on 3G/4G(LTE)/5G network PoC radios using Push-to-Talk technology. Equipped with PoC radio services like instant individual and group calls, multimedia sharing including text, picture, and video, real-time tracking, and a flexible dispatching center, Hytera PoC solutions will optimize collaboration and increase safety and convenience for your team.


Why PoC?

Hytera Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Radio is designed to provide nationwide voice, video, and data services for you to get connected with partners over the 3G/LTE/5G network. Using Hytera PoC Radio, you can feed the on-site information to the command center in real-time over the LTE network to improve situational awareness for efficient dispatch.


PoC Communication Platform

Hytera’s POC platform can not only provide rich services such as voice, video, data services, and multimedia scheduling, but also can be connected with Push-To-Talk devices, which can satisfy the needs of Push-To-Talk companies in vertical industries such as public safety, energy, railways, and transportation.