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UPS Battery Monitoring System

The power infrastructure of a data center includes one or more UPS power supplies. The key use of UPS power is to protect IT equipment from voltage spikes, it also can provide short-term power in the event of a power outage. Huasu battery monitoring system is essential to guarantee the stable operation of UPS power within 24 hours. UPS BMS can also ensure the safe operation of the data center and avoid huge losses caused by information loss.


How Can Data Center Operators Get More Out Of Their UPS Battery Management System And Keep Data Center Running Smoothly?

UPS power supply protects IT equipment from being affected by peak voltage.


The UPS can provide short-term power for the data center in the event of a power outage, avoiding the interruption of the data center work.


The UPS equipment will provide protection for overvoltage and undervoltage for batteries of the data center.


Advantages Of UPS Battery Management System

Huasu battery monitoring system is the industry’s leading high-end product, it provides real-time monitoring of normal battery parameters and intelligent alarms analyses of batteries’ state via key safety indicators. Huasu BMS is a reliable battery monitor with overall functions, complete facilities, and strong anti-interferences.