Vickers Vane Pump – Low Pressure, Medium Pressure, High Pressure Vane Pump?


       Do you have a variety of options when choosing a vane pump?     Vickers Vane Pump     are available in a variety of models with different pressure ranges. Explore the specifications for each model to help you choose the vane pump for your high pressure application. Let us find out what you need to check in the vane pump to choose the right side for your needs.

  There are reasons why people use vane pumps. These pumps are preferred because they are compact and lightweight. They are easy to install and are known for their quiet operation. That’s why blade pump suppliers offer cost-effective models that ensure high volumetric efficiency through precisely manufactured machine parts.

  Is chemical resistance important to you?

  What is the fluid passing through the pump? Do you need high chemical or chemical resistance for you? Make a note of the chemical composition and consistency of the fluid that will pass through the pump.

  In addition, check the installation function of the finalized pump model. Blade pump suppliers can offer you a flexible choice of fixed or truck mounted models. Find out how your pump will be placed and decide on the installation accordingly.

  What is the pressure specification for the vane pump you need?

  Depending on your application, you need to determine the differential pressure and maximum working pressure of the desired vane pump.

  Typically, low pressure vane pumps are used in automotive exhaust systems. The medium pressure vane pump is suitable for applications such as espresso machines in the catering industry.

  So where do we use high pressure vane pumps? Vane pumps for high pressure applications are valuable in delivering highly flammable gases such as LPG and NH3.

  But how do these pumps maintain optimal performance? The answer is simple. The vane pump does not have any internal metal-to-metal contact system, which allows them to easily handle non-lubricating liquids.

  Look for experienced blade pump manufacturers, such as China Yongchang Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.: They have a good track record in providing engineering components. In terms of maintenance, reliable blade pump suppliers will be able to offer well-designed short and heavy bearings.

  Finally, the rugged design ensures vibration-free operation and reduced maintenance intervals. You can also save money by choosing a lower power vane pump.

  Before purchasing the vane pump:

  As you know, there are several types of vane pumps on the market. If you have high pressure vane pump requirements, compare the specifications of the available pump models. Technical experts representing India’s renowned blade pump suppliers can help a lot. Discuss your specific needs with them and ask them to help you find the right vane pump.