Vickers Vane Pump – Principle Features Of The Punch Vane Pump

Introduction of    Vickers Vane Pump    : The punch vane pump has compact structure, small size, stable operation, uniform flow, low noise and long service life. However, it is more sensitive to hydraulic fluid than gear pump, and the structure is more complicated. There is an oil drain port and an oil inlet port. Each time the rotor rotates, the volume between the blades enters and drains oil once. If the eccentricity of the rotor and the stator is made variable in structure, it is a variable vane pump. The hydraulic punching sheet type vane pump is suitable for low pressure and large flow occasions. The double-acting vane pump rotates once per revolution, and the vane reciprocates twice in the tank to complete the two oil inlets and drains. Because it has two oil inlet zones and two oil discharge zones, the rotor is symmetrically divided, so the forces acting on the rotor are balanced with each other, the flow rate is relatively uniform, and the application is wider.