Vickers Vane Pump Tips: Use The Vane Pump!


What should you pay attention to when using the vane pump? The    Vickers Vane Pump    illustrates:

  (1) Pay attention to the viscosity of the oil, avoid using the pump with the working oil pressure below 10MPa, and use the 32# hydraulic oil; for the pump with the working pressure above 16MPa, the hydraulic oil of No. 46 or No. 68 should be used or anti-wear. Hydraulic oil.

  (2) Avoid oil contamination The fuel tank should be kept clean. The hydraulic system should be equipped with a filter. The cleanliness of the oil should reach the national standard level 19/16.

  (3) When the coaxiality is not met, the axis of the pump should maintain a certain degree of coaxiality with the axis of the motor or the prime mover. Generally, the coaxiality error is not more than 0.1mm, and the pump and the motor should be used. Flexible connection. The pump shaft must not withstand radial forces.

  (4) The height of the pump suction port from the liquid surface should not exceed 500mm, and the suction pipe must not leak.

  (5) Do not mistake the direction of rotation of the pump shaft.

  (6) Avoiding the incorrect use of YB1 series single-stage vane pump YBI series single-stage vane pump is improved on the basis of YB type. It is a new medium and low pressure quantitative pump with simple structure, small pressure pulsation and work. Reliable, long service life, etc., widely used in machine tools and other hydraulic systems. It is recommended to use the 32nd full loss system oil, the working oil temperature is 10-50 °C

  (7) Avoiding the incorrect selection of YB-type vane pump for vehicles. The vane pump for vehicles has a hydraulic pressure-balanced distribution plate, which can automatically compensate the axial clearance. Therefore, the rotational speed and pressure are higher than the general vane pump, the stator and the rotor. And the oil distribution plate (side plate) is composed of a single unit, so it is convenient for disassembly and maintenance. When the screws on the cover are unscrewed, the entire set can be replaced. Suitable for hydraulic transmission of lifting transport vehicles, construction machinery or general machines.

  (8) Avoiding incorrect selection of two-stage vane pump and double vane pump The two-stage vane pump is composed of two single-stage vane pumps in series, and the working pressure is twice that of the single-stage vane pump. In order to balance the pressure of the two hydraulic pumps, a balancing valve is provided in the middle of the two oil passages for automatic adjustment. Two-stage vane pumps are available for a variety of mechanical transmission and control oil lines. The pressure of the oil circuit can be adjusted by the pressure valve.

  The twin vane pump is a combination of two single-stage vane pumps with coaxial drive. The pump has a common (or separate pump) inlet and has two outlets. A variety of flows are available in a combination of two pump series. Double vane pumps are typically used on machine tools, oil presses or other machinery.

  (9) Avoid confusion Two-stage vane pump and double vane pump model Y2B type is a two-stage vane pump; YYB type is a double vane pump.

  (10) Avoid incorrect selection of YYB type double vane pump The AA and AB series in the YYB type double vane pump adopt a common pump body, one oil inlet and two oil outlets. Both the AC and BC series have two pump bodies, each with separate inlet and outlet ports.

  (11) Avoiding incorrect selection of composite vane pump The composite vane pump is a combination of a double vane pump and a control valve.

  12) The composite pump with double relief valve group can adjust the pressure of the output oil circuit separately. The combination pump has one oil inlet and two oil outlets, which can supply two oil passages (or one oil passage). use.

  13) Compound pump with overflow valve, check valve and unloading valve group. When two pumps are used at low pressure, they are combined for oil supply for rapid feed. When high pressure, the large flow pump is unloaded by the unloading valve. The flow pump supplies high pressure oil for operation.

  (14) Avoid incorrect selection of YBN variable vane pump YBN variable vane pump, and change the displacement of the pump by moving the eccentric position of the stator. The pump is equipped with a pressure compensation device and a maximum flow adjustment mechanism to automatically reduce the output flow of the pump after the system reaches the set pressure to keep the system pressure constant. Suitable for combination machine tools and other mechanical equipment, can reduce oil heat and motor power consumption.

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