Walking Aids


Walking aids are usually used for users with limited mobility or in rehabilitation. Walking aids can be divided into those with wheels and those without wheels, at present we mainly produce walkers without wheels and walkers with commode.


Lightweight Walking Frame For Elderly – YC1502

This Walkers without Wheels, the Model YC1502 is an Adjustable Aluminum Folding Walker, have a rubber tip on the bottom of each of the four legs. To walk, you stand inside the frame, grasp the handles on each side, lift the walker, place it down a few inches in front of you, and then you step forward.


Lightweight Walking Frame For Elderly – YC1502


Material: High-quality aluminum alloy (light but durable, stable, safe).

Dimensions: adjustable height: 70-88cm.

Weight: 2.5kg.


Features of Lightweight Walking Frame For Elderly – YC1502



The aluminum frame is lightweight, the lightweight aluminum telescopic canes get a hard-anodized treatment that prevents damage to the attractive surface, which makes them durable.


Adjustable 8 height: Our walking stick has 8 positions to adjust. You can adjust the height to 8 different heights. Such a special design may need for your general purpose. You only have to buy a cane, then you can enjoy 8 walking sticks.


The walker is not only a crutch, but also a travel chair. The YC1502 is equipped with a detachable seat. If you are doing rehabilitation exercises outdoors, a movable seat will be your best choice.


All four feet are fitted with non-slip pads, the frame, and the seat can be washed, which means this walker can be brought into the bathroom and used when taking a shower.


Multi-Purpose Commode & Bath Chair -YC1501

YC1501 is a multi-functional walker, which adds a commode to the ordinary wheelless walker to solve the problem of toileting and walking for the convenience of patients.


Technical Information of Multi-Purpose Commode & Bath Chair -YC1501


Material Strong stainless steel material

Seat to floor height 76cm~86cm

Seat depth 17″ (43.2 cm)

Seat width 43cm

Weight capacity 100kg


Features of Multi-Purpose Commode & Bath Chair -YC1501



This is a multifunctional walker with a commode, mainly for those with mobility problems and inconvenient access to the toilet, the patient can sit on the walker toilets, and the commode can be removed for cleaning.


YC1501 height can be adjusted for people of different heights, the frame is made of stainless steel, strong and durable, can be used for people under 100kg.


Since the entire walker can be washed directly with water, that means it can be used as a bath chair.


Selecting the Right Mobility Aid


Usually, patients who can use a walker need to have certain self-care skills, such as the legs can support their body for a short time, and the upper limb strength can hold these devices. If you only have minor problems standing/walking, then crutches may be best for you. If walking/standing is a bigger problem, then a walker, roller or wheelchair may be the right choice. Check with your doctor to see what kind of mobility tool is right for you.


Walking Aids FAQs


How to choose a suitable walking aids?

If you don’t know much about walkers, talk to your doctor and they will tell you which walker is better for you.


What are the general types of walking aids?

Usually what we call walkers are divided into: CANES, CRUTCHES, AND WALKERS.


What are the advantages of Walker?

Walkers, also called walking frames, provide more stability than a cane if you have a balance or gait disability.