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Woven Wire Mesh

Available in Square and Slotted Meshes, High quality wire mesh screen material used in production and a wide range of wire diameters and openings ensuring their cost-effective work in almost any applications.

Self-cleaning Screens

Designed to be the Perfect Solution for wire mesh screen material with low flowability that are though to screen. Eliminate blinding, pegging and clogging problems due to its special structure and combinations of steel wires and Polyurethane bars.

Wire Mesh Screen Materials Available for Anpeng

We use High Tensile Steel that is abrasion resistant, which is ideal for applications facing significant wear such as filtering rocks, sand and gravel. Polyurethane: is known for its high load bearing capacity in both tension and compression, and its abrasion and impact resistance property, Polyurethane is extremely wear proof in challenging applications even at very low tempreture.