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Drug of Abuse Test Cup (Urine)

Drug Abuse Test Cup (Urine) is a one step, rapid screening tests for the qualitative detection of drug(s) and drug metabolite(s) in human urine, which use lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay. These cups contains membrane strips coated with drug-protein conjugates (purified bovine albumin) on the T zone, goat polyclonal antibody against gold-protein conjugate at the C zone, and a dye pad which contains colloidal gold particles coated with mouse monoclonal antibodies specific against to drugs.


Features of Drug of Abuse Test Cup (Urine)


The option of built-in adulteration test is also available up to six different adulterants.     


Quick results: Results are available in just 5 minutes, making them ideal for use in various settings.


Non-invasive: Urine is a non-invasive sample type, making it easy and safe to collect.


High accuracy: 99% accuracy, comparable to laboratory-based tests.


Shelf life: 24 month long shelf life and can be stored easily.


Complete qualifications: CE, FDA 510K and NMPA cleared.


Product name

Drug Abuse Test Cup (Urine)



Strip size

The regular strip is 2.5 mm



Time to result

within 5 minutes


OEM available

Shelf life/validity

24 months


CLIA/510K, CE, ISO13485, FDA, NMPA Cleared


between 2-30°C


over 99%


aluminum foil pouch


Prometheus Bio Inc