UV Curing Screen Protector (Cured Film)

Resist daily scratches.


it fits the phone screen perfectly.


HD visual experience.


More immersive gaming experience.


UV Curing Screen Protector (Cured Film) Specification



rock space

Product Name:

UV Cured High-Definition Film




About 0.Imm of the use layer








Details Of UV Curing Screen Protector (Cured Film)



UV Curing Firm without Falling Off


With self-carried UV adhesive layer, the film can fit seamlessly with your phone under UV irradiation, keeping it stable without falling off.


Scratch Resistant


Its high hardness can easily resist daily scratches, alleviate external impact, and effectively protect the mobile phone.


Instant Fingerprint Unlock


As thin as 0.1mm, it fits your phone seamlessly. Sensitive screen touch and instant fingerprint unlocking make you immediately accessible to the latest message.


Full Coverage


It fits the phone screen perfectly no matter for curved surface or flat surface, providing all-round protection and preventing edge warping after long use.


Original Display Quality


The slim, clear and transparent material perfectly presents the original image quality and offers you enjoyable HD visual experience without missing every wonderful moment no matter you are watching TV or taking photos.


Smooth Touch


It brings you a fast, stable, accurate and uninterrupted game experience.