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10KW Solar Panel Kit for Home




AN-HSPS 10KW home solar system kit, uses solar photovoltaic power generation, one-time investment, long-term payback, no need to worry about sudden power failure. The system has the city power backup function. When the solar energy is insufficient, it will automatically switch to the city power mode. The load is normally supplied with power, and there is no high requirement for timely installation. We can provide professional installation instructions to allow the solar systems to enter more homes and enable more people to use clean energy.


Package Content:


With 24pcs Solar Panel(350W), 2pcs Mppt Inverter(5Kw), 2pcs Pv Array Combiner, 16pcs Gel Battery, Solar Panel Bracket And Cables


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Key Features of 10kw Home Solar System

The complete 10kw home solar system is delivered in a kit. Solar panels are installed on the roof or open space, and inverters are placed in the house.

We can provide a scientific and reasonable solar power supply solution according to the actual application situation, maximizing the use of solar energy, and achieving the goal of energy-saving or even zero electricity bill.

Use solar power generation, no air pollution, no waste water discharge, and contribute to the cause of green environmental protection.

One time investment, 25 years of operation, high economic efficiency, suitable for installation in various places.


10KW Solar Panel Kit for Home Description

A 10kw home solar system will generate enough power to meet your electricity needs. We have created the perfect system for you home or business, catering to all your needs including safety and reliability. Our 10kw solar panel system is comprised of 10kw panels, inverter, and roof mounting hardware, allowing you to install a complete system yourself, or maintain as an ongoing revenue stream. Buy 10kw home solar system now!


Specification of 10kw Solar Panel System

Rated Loads Capacity: 10KW


Power Generation: 34KWH-42KWH


Solar Panel: Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline


Battery: GEL Battery / LiFePo4 Lithium Battery


Controller: MPPT


Solar Panel Bracket: Roof / Ground type


Solar Panel Size: 1956*992*40 mm