Graphic Overlay

What is Graphic overlay ?

Graphic overlay is an interface layer which is made of polycarbonate or polyester with an adhesive backing. It can be applied to many industries including, Residential and commercial appliances

Machinery control panels Medical equipment

HVAC equipment Gas station pumps

Automotive dashboards


A functional graphic overlay is designed for use with rubber keypads, membrane switches or as a touch screen panel interface for control panels. In these applications, the printed graphics and text are used to providing operational instructions or safety warnings and label overlay buttons and controls.


However, with an aesthetic purpose, decorative membrane switches graphic overlays and panel overlays are printed with custom graphics, company logos or product information. They act as an intermediary between the user and the machine through functional descriptions, without conductive traces or circuitry.


The membrane switch overlay or custom control panel overlay provides a variety of embossed keys, matte or glossy finishes, and a protective coated overlay to reduce the likelihood of fading. It also includes different material thicknesses from 0.125mm to 1mm to meet customers’ specific applications.


Materials for Graphic Overlay


GE(Matte materials) 8B35-0.125mm, 8B35-0.254mm, 8B35-0.375mm,8B35-0.5mm


GE (Golssy materilas) 8010-0.125mm, 8010-0.254mm, 8010-0.375mm,  8010-0.5mm



Autotex (Textured) Like F150, F200


Autotex UV/XE Like, V150, V200, XE150, XE200


AutoFlex EBG/A (Glossy and Anti-glare), Like EBG130, EBG180, EBA130, EBA180.



200 Series (467MP & 468MP) – 3M


300LSE Series (For Low Surface Energy Applications) – 3M


DT8016, DT8126, DT8176 – (Nikto)


Graphic Overlays for Any Industry

Custom graphic smart overlays can improve the overall appearance and prevent moisture, dust, and debris from penetrating the electrical components such as switches or touch screens. Some of the common uses include:


Residential and commercial appliances


Machinery control panels


Medical equipment


HVAC equipment


Gas station pumps


Automotive dashboards


Custom Graphic Overlay Capabilities

Specializing in graphic design overlays as static components for membrane switches and rubber keypads and touch panel, we will help you design a customized graphic overlay which meets both functional and aesthetic needs. We can offer the following services:


Digital overlay printing




In-house embossing


Custom control panel overlay printing


Laser & die-cutting


Custom graphic overlays can be made in sizes from to 30″ to 40″. Additionally, in order to improve visibility in low light applications, backlighting can also be added to the overlay panels. We also offer special ultraviolet selective textures and ultraviolet hard coat treatments which can protect lens areas from chemicals and scratching.