• $2000

EP200 & EP225 Foldable LED Screen

ONUMEN Sailing Series EP200 and EP225

Embark on a journey of wonder with ONUMEN Sailing!


5-minute quick installation of our LED flexible screen by 1 person in only 3 steps!


Multi-scene foldable LED applications in all kinds of enterprises and institutions!


The smartest choice for LED foldable screens of all sizes!


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EP200 & EP225 Foldable


LED Screen Video Show


EP200 & EP225


Thin Flexible Led Screen Highlights


The thin flexible LED screen offers a 5-minute quick installation process that can be easily completed by one person in only 3 simple steps.                                                       


The thin LED screen also features a one-touch remote control that enables automatic lifting and lowering.                                                                                                 


The thin flexible LED display is portable and easy to store, making it an ideal choice for events that require quick setup and teardown.                                             


The design of this thin LED display enables easy transportation and installation at a cost-effective foldable LED display price.                                              


The LED video wall has a fast installation process, resulting in a seamless display for your event.                                                                                                                    


The all-in-one design of the flexible LED screen display eliminates the need for truss and counterweights, simplifying the installation process even further.   


The rollable led screen has the ability to display clear and bright images from every angle, positioning it in direct competition with the 360 degree LED screen market.