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A Tip for Untying A Nylon Cable Tie

Many people treat nylon cable ties as a disposable item and will cut them off directly after use. In fact, there is a knack for untying the nylon tie which only takes 1 second, just touching a place with your hand. Let’s take a look at how to untie a zip tie!


Here is the method.


First, we should know the head structure of the nylon cable tie. It can be seen that there is a buckle that can be pulled inside the head of the cable tie. After understanding this feature, let’s talk about how to quickly untie the cable tie in 1 second. When unfastening the nylon cable tie, press the buckle on the head of the cable tie with the nail of your thumb and break it outwards. Then, it can be easily untied by pulling the tie again, which is fast and convenient. However, how to untie the tie without nails? In fact, the method is also very simple, only a toothpick can be done. The operation is similar. When untie the tie, use a toothpick to poke into the buckle on the head of the tie, and then pull the tie to easily untie it.


After knowing how to untie the cable tie, there is one more method of hiding the cable tie. The cable tie strip has two sides, an uneven one with gears, and an relatively smooth one. Therefore, when using a cable tie to bind things, the cable tie can be used backwards if the elasticity of the thing is not large. In this way, no tools are needed to untie the tie while the tied things will not be loosened, which solves the troubles of many people.


Thus, there is no need to waste the nylon cable tie. How about trying the way now?