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Adult Diaper Packaging

Baolu Yiteng takes pride in offering a diverse range of adult diaper packaging solutions, including adult diaper packaging, designed to ensure the utmost protection and integrity of your adult diaper products. Our adult diaper packaging is crafted from soft, high-quality materials, guaranteeing not only durability but also comfort for the end-users. Each package is engineered for easy opening, providing a hassle-free experience for consumers, while incorporating tamper-evident features to ensure product safety and consumer trust.


Choose Baolu Yiteng, a professional manufacturer of hygiene packaging,  for adult diaper packaging that combines functionality, consumer satisfaction, and environmental consciousness, setting your products apart in the competitive adult care market.


Adult Diaper Packaging Specifications


PET/PE/BOPP/CPP/MOPP, recyclable mono-material wet wipes


Gravure printing(up to 11 colors)


Custom OEM and ODM Service

Style Options

Single Wipes bag, wipes bag roll film, wipes bag cutting roll


Dry lamination and Solvent-less lamination


China (Mainland)


Adult diapers, pads and other nursing products.


Glossy, matte, hot stamping, gold sand, pearlized, drawing, laser, etc


Our MOQ is 1 ton (lower quantity can be negotiable)


We offer (available stock) free sample and customized samples


T/T, 30% deposit and mold making fee in advance,balance before shipment.


Adult Diaper Packaging Materials

Baolu Yiteng’s adult diaper packaging incorporates various materials, including PET, PE, BOPP, CPP, and MOPP, each chosen for specific properties such as transparency, strength, and moisture resistance. The recyclability of these materials varies, with PET generally accepted widely for recycling, while PE, BOPP, CPP, and MOPP may have varying degrees of recyclability depending on local facilities. Baolu Yiteng is committed to ensuring that the materials used in their packaging are non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly, aligning with global standards.