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Professional Electronics Packaging Manufacturer

GREENWEIMO has a very experienced team, specializing in electronics packaging design and development of various product packaging. Our laboratory has a very advanced variety struments for testing sustainable electronics packaging materials, R & D and design. According to customers’ electronic products, GREENWEIMO carry out electronic component packaging design through accurate data. At the same time, we also carry out repeated testing through instruments to achieve customer satisfaction. Our packaging for electronic products not only has the shockproof effect of electronic products during transportation, but also specially registers the beauty of electronics packaging. Our beautiful, generous, creative and eco-friendly packaging is popular in electronics packaging field. Types of electronic packaging are various, too.



Advantages of Electronic Product Packaging

Greenweimo can shape the electronics packaging according to your needs. Any three-dimensional shape options such as extreme draft angle, cylinder, cube, curve and multi compartment are available. Greenweimo, one of the most experienced bagasse packaging manufacturers, will provide supports for your products and protect them during uninterrupted transportation and delivery.


Electronic Product Packaging Design

Greenweimo focus on designing and manufacturing sustainable, reusable, compostable, recyclable and biodegradable electronics packaging materials. We use sustainable materials such as bagasse to reuse and save the earth’s resources. Like many other pulp packaging products, our electronic product packaging design can be customized, too.