Sustainable Packaging

Check out our variety of eco-friendly product packaging solutions. All of which can be completely customised to suit your ideal brand image.


The benefits of sustainable packaging are endless, it reduces single use materials and promotes recyclability, diverts waste from landfill and creates a sustainable ethos for your brand that customers favour. The strong demand for environmentally responsible companies also means you can grow your business!


Create a sustainable ethos for your brand today by utilising our wide range of eco friendly packaging products from biodegradable labels, paper boxes, paper bags, compostable and recyclable pouches, compostable mailers to moulded fibre packaging.


With over 10 years of experience, we have strong expertise in sustainable packaging and provide you with only the most practical industry-specific solutions. We know how to source fully certified eco-friendly materials of industry leading quality to create personalised solutions.


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Sustainable Packaging by Style

Custom Boxes

Paper boxes

Our paper boxes are sourced from eco friendly paper derived from recycled materials, agricultural waste, sugar cane, cotton fibre and more. We offer a variety of custom box types and styles, from cardboard packaging, corrugated and rigid boxes.


Paper Bag Packaging

Paper bags

Our luxury gift paper bags are sourced from sustainable paper materials including sugarcane bagasse, agricultural waste, cotton fibre, recycled paper and more. They can be fully customised to be paper bags with handles and logos.



Our compostable pouches are made with only certified compostable materials. We test to specify whether our products are industrially or home compostable and  make sure our raw materials are certified as such. We even offer recyclable pouches made from PE film.