• $2800

Log Saw Machine

Specifications of Log Saw Machine


Cutting machine

Paper cutting specification




Cutting speed

200 cuts/min

Control system

PLC program control, servo drive, touch screen operation

Outer diameter of paper cutter


Air pressure

0.5Mpa (provided by the buyer)

Power supply type


Total power


The maximum size of the equipment




Equipment weight

1.5 tons

Equipment color

milky white paint spraying process


Features of Log Saw Machine

The electrical control box of the log saw machine is integrated with the host to ensure that the circuit is not damaged and safe;


The safety cover of our log saw cutting machine has a built-in iron net to prevent the use of plexiglass and has a safety protection function;


The incision of this log saw cutting machine is smooth and there is no obvious knife mark and fluff;


High degree of automation, automatic adjustment of electrical operation between production gaps, no need for repeated manual operations;


Real one-key start and stop, novices can get started with simple training;


The brand-new structure 250 cuts/min runs stably without cutting empty, the waste materials at the beginning and the end are cleaned, and the page of Soontrue’s log saw cutting machine is more efficient and easy to understand.


Log Saw Cutting Machine Video