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Air Handler Install

If you are looking forward to AC handler installation then you are supposed to know about it in detail. The handler is considered to be a vital part that is responsible for its performance. Only after doing detailed research, you should proceed to go for its installation. The best option for you would be to hire professionals for this job.

You should remember that these air handlers are more than just fans. Therefore, you have to think about serious considerations regarding HVAC air handler installation.

Air Handler Installation Cost


Things To Know About Air Handling Unit Installation

There are so many essential things to know about air handling units. The air handlers are to work for circulating air. It makes the whole AC system for energy efficient, to say the least. You have to know these things before installing an air handler.

Air handlers are not AC units. Most people think that air handlers and AC units are the same but they are not. Air handlers are responsible for housing equipment that moves the air through a home.

Air handlers have two basic components fan and evaporator coils. Not to mention, it has other components like vibration isolators, humidifiers, filters, etc. You must know such things prior to downflow air handler installation.


The Good Places to Install Air Handler


It is essential to find such an installer first.


On average, the best place should be 7-8 feet above the floor to install the air handlers.


Moreover, there is to be 8 spaces away from the ceiling.