Battery Pack

Modular custom lithium battery pack from Eco Power is developed to meet the highest safety and certification requirements throughout the whole conception and manufacturing process.


These lithium battery packs integrate a liquid thermal management system, advanced electronics and lithium ion battery cells with proven technology.




Built for scalability, our modular lithium battery packs can be connected in series or parallel to offer versatility across a variety of uses needing robust, safe, and high-performing lithium-ion batteries.


Lithium Ion Battery Pack Types

Eco Power offers one stop lithium ion battery pack solution with advanced testing and manufacturing capabilities. Standardized lithium-ion battery packs in different housing shapes, with worldwide approvals, a variety of redundant safety features, and a communication interface for your application. There we provide various types of custom lithium battery packs, such as 24v li ion battery pack, 12 volt lithium battery pack, 72v 100ah lithium battery pack and so on.



Marine Battery Pack

Marine lithium battery pack is a rechargeable energy storage device designed to provide power to boats, watercrafts and other vehicles. These custom lithium battery packs are designed to withstand moisture and harsh marine conditions.

PC020509-77.28V277A (277AH1P24S) LFP277Ah 1P24S Pack

PC020509-153.6V277A (277AH1P48S) LFP277Ah 1P48S Pack

PC020509-172.8V277A (277AH1P54S) LFP277Ah 1P54S Pack

PC020502-211.2V206A (206AH1P66S) LFP206Ah 1P66S Pack

PC020502-192V206A (206AH1P60S) LFP206Ah 1P60S Pack

PC020502-96V206A (206AH1P30S) LFP206Ah 1P30S Pack


Airport Power Battery Pack

Airport power lithium battery pack is a rechargeable and portable battery pack ideal for charging electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets on the go. These kind of custom lithium ion battery pack holds enough charge to keep your devices powered up until you reach your destination.

PS131502-115.92V302A (302AH1P36S) LFP302Ah 1P36S Pack

PS131502-154.56V228A (228AH1P48S) LFP228Ah 1P48S Pack


Benefits of Lithium Ion Battery Pack


Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Lithium battery pack is the final shape of the battery system installed to an electrical end application. Composed of battery module and various control/protection system including a BMS, a cooling system, etc.


Advantages for Battery pack from Eco Power

1 product family for all applications;


Worldwide approvals and certification of safety standards;


No development costs, fast time-to-market;


30 to 600 kWh power sizing;


fast charge capability;


Smart Battery Management System;


High discharge performance;


proven cost efficiency pro kWh;


assured world wide delivery capability;


highest security and safety standards;


state of the art production facility;


standard product interfaces for max versatility;


How Long Does Lithium Ion Battery Pack Last?


And when a number of modules come together with a BMS (Battery Management System) and a cooling device that control and manage battery’s temperature, voltage, etc., this is called a lithium battery pack. This is why lithium ion cell is frequently installed in an electric vehicle through the form of a pack.