• $10001400


Strong metal housing

Up to 1C continuous discharging current.


We acting as the agent of well-known electric core manufacturers in China, has made in-depth exploration into the intrinsic working mechanism of lithium ion batteries, fundamentally improved materials and battery performance, adopted precise design and advanced manufacturing techniques to create perfect electric core, and launched a number of advanced electric core products that meet the requirements of different customers for high energy density, high power density, quick charging performance, long cycle, high and low temperature performance and high safety performance.




High Safety

Qualified for RoHS & CCC with high safety


Anti-explosion safety valve applied


Ceramic membrane technology applied to enhance safety


High Energy Density

High energy density—-121WH/KG


We upgrade energy density through the technology innovation in design space, lightweight, compaction, electrode, separator and optimization of process etc.


Fast Charge & Discharge

With the help of electrode raw material and process improvement, charge & discharge optimization


Low Temperature Discharge

Discharge capacity at -30℃/capacity at 25℃ > 90%


Long Lifetime

More than 3000 cycles under the designed working condition



Lightweight pouch that generates little heat