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A Drop in Replacement & Smart Sustainable Solution for Lead-acid, AGM&Gel Batteries


ZRGP 12V/24V LFP battery pack is designed and manufactured with features of high energy density, safe and reliability, long service life, etc. With its unique advantages, it is widely used in caravans, tourist coaches, electric two-wheelers, tricycles, emergency lights, security monitoring, and other power supply equipment. The universal dimensions with excellent performance provide the user with an ideal drop-in replacement solution for the traditional lead-acid battery.


A Drop in Replacement & Smart Sustainable Solution for Lead-acid, AGM&Gel Batteries

It is composed of lifepo4 deep cycle battery in series and parallel, which has the characters of good safety performance, high energy density and long cycle life.

Using laser welding craft, with high degree of automation, low internal resistance, high energy efficiency, to ensure the welding quality.

Supports 4pcs in series connection for 12Vdc platform, 2pcs in series for 24Vdc platform, which provides a wide range of applications.

Built-in intelligent BMS, optimizes the performance and safety of the battery by automatically balancing cells and protecting them from over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, high and low temperature protection functions, graded alarm and wireless monitoring functions.

Using the lithium-ion battery, green and eco-friendly, low lifetime cost.

Independently developed products, we can arrange experienced engineers to provide technical support

Customized solutions can be provided according to the user scenarios.



 Intelligent Battery Management System

In-house R&D innovative BMS provides various protections, balance and monitoring via Bluetooth


Bluetooth Monitoring

In-house R&D innovative APP available on apple store and Google Play, help you grasp the battery status more easily.



Up to 10 Times Life

The life span of our lithium battery is 10

times longer than lead acid battery.


60% Faster Charge

Our batteries can be charged to

100% full in one hour


70% Lighter in Weight

Lithium-ion batteries are one-third the weight of lead acid batteries


Maintenance Free

Maintenance free or automatic repair


Built In Protection

Our lithium batteries have a built in Battery Management System (BMS)


Safe Battery

No potential safety hazard

of explosions and fires


100% DOD

Our battery will perform for over 2,000

cycles at 100% DOD, compared with

only 500 cycles at 80% DOD

of a lead acid battery



3 years manufacturer′s defect warranty


Wide Range Working Applications

There is an almost unlimited list of applications and uses for our batteries