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Biodegradable Cutlery

Soton Biodegradable Eating Utensils bulk & Environmentally Friendly Cutlery

cPLA (Crystallized PLA) cutlery is a new innovative biodegradable eating utensil that has high-temperature resistance. cPLA cutlery is made of PLA(70%-80%), Chalk (20%-30%) and other biodegradable additives. It is fully compostable and environmental friendly. More importantly, it is also stronger since it is crystallized.


Therefore, if you are worried about the deformation problems when using normal thin plastic cutlery, biodegradable cPLA cutlery is your best choice. Soton provides biodegradable forks, knives and spoons for sale. Other bio products like ecological reusable bags and eco friendly disposable gloves are available in Sonton.  


Types of Custom Reusable Eco Utensils & Cutlery Set

Corn Starch Cutlery Corn Starch Cutlery

CPLA Cutlery & Utensils CPLA Cutlery & Utensils


Why choose Soton Eco-friendly Sustainable & Reusable Cutlery Set?

Soton’s portable and reusable cutlery kit includes corn starch cutlery and CPLA cutlery, both 100% sustainable.


Less Waste

The biodegradable and compostable eating utensils produced by Soton, a professional custom reusable cutlery manufacturer, aims to provide in bluk an eco-friendly alternative to the non-biodegradable disposable plastic tableware commonly used in the food industry. These disposable plastic cutlery are not only non-biodegradable or compostable, but they are often buried in landfills, pollute the ocean, and even mistake them for food to kill animals.


Less Pollution

Compared with petroleum-based plastics, the production of biodegradable eco-friendly travel plate and cutlery set pollutes the environment much less. In addition, when plastics made of biodegradable materials finally decompose, they will decompose into non-toxic and harmless elements. In fact, compared to plastics made of petroleum-based materials, biodegradable disposable cups, plates and utensils produce much fewer greenhouse gases, only about 32% of petroleum-based plastics.


Best Choice

From high-end restaurants to takeaway snacks to office lunchrooms, the places where you can enjoy our environmentally friendly disposable cutlery are almost endless. When you need fully functional but biodegradable and compostable knives, forks and spoons, Soton biodegradable cutlery is definitely your best choice.


What are Soton Biodegradable Utensils Bulk & Cutlery Made of

Soton compostable plates and bowls, as well as other plastic cutlery are made of inorganic carbon powder as raw material, after being processed by science and technology, the product has excellent characteristics:


It does not dissolve in water for a long time

The intensity can be adjusted

Photodegradable after use

Can be recycled with paper and plastic

Can be incinerated without toxic gas emissions

Compare the price advantage of existing products


Eco-friendly and Reusable Cutlery Set & Utensils Bulk for Different Combinations

Soton provides different combinations of eco-friendly and reusable cutlery sets & utensils to meet various customer needs. We have biodegradable plates and utensils set, knives and spoons set, spoons and forks set, knives and forks set, etc. All of them are environmentally friendly and fully compostable.