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Vacuum freeze-drying processing of healthy pet treat is at extremely low temperature and high vacuum degree under the condition of dry processing, effectively maintain the fresh food color, aroma, taste and shape, and the maximum hold and suffer from indigestion materials of all sorts of vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients and chlorophyll, enzymes, amino acids, and other nutrients and flavor substances.


Freeze dried meat also tastes tastier and improves palatability. With ideal instant solubility and fast and almost complete water rehydration. Freeze-dried pet treat is completely dehydrated and lightweight, so freeze dried raw dog training treats are easy to use and carry, and most freeze-dried pet treat is vacuum-packed or nitrogen-filled and stored away from light. The shelf life of this sealed package at room temperature can be longer. We have pet and feed retail supply for customers to buy freeze dried dog and cat treats bulk!


Types of Freeze Dried Pet Treats

Freeze Dried Pure Meat Treat

Freeze-dried meat can have a very crisp taste without frying, and freeze-dried meat has many flavors, such as chicken, duck, beef, salmon, quail and so on.


Freeze Dried Mixed Treat

Freeze-dried mixed snacks are freeze-dried mixed meats, freeze-dried mixed meats and vegetables. A variety of meats are mixed and freeze-dried to retain the original flavor and nutrition of various meats through advanced freeze-drying technology.


Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Freeze-drying is vacuum freeze-drying. After processing, the nutrients of fruits and vegetables are hardly destroyed, and no additives or preservatives are needed. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten in season all year round.


Other Freeze Dried Pet Treat

Under this category, most products are freeze-dried snacks for pet crawlers and fish. Freeze-dried insects retain their original shape and color as well as their nutrients.


Freeze Dried Meat Powder


Benefits of Freeze Dried Pet Treats

Freeze-dried food will have a longer shelf life than fresh food

Freeze-drying technology can retain the nutrients of the raw materials

Freeze dried cat treats, without preservatives, additives or flavorings

Freeze-dried snacks are quick and easy to feed

Freeze dried dog treats, fast rehydration and easy to carry


FAQs of Freeze Dried Pet Treats


Why freeze-dried treats are popular?


A pet’s diet is raw meat. There has always been a great debate about the raw meat diet in China, but the frozen and dried food of fresh meat can be a very clever solution to this problem.  Freeze dried dog and cat snacks use freeze-drying to handle food, which saves the time and effort of preparing raw food and solves the problem of preserving raw food.  Because it’s cryogenic, you don’t have to worry about parasites, it’s as easy to feed as normal pellets, private label pet treat including private label freeze dried dog treats are emotionally acceptable for the owner, and most importantly, you get all the nutrients from raw food without having to deal with all of the above concerns.  



Are freeze-dried pet treats safe?


Freeze-drying is the process of freezing and dehydrating fresh meat, fruits and vegetables in a vacuum.  The whole freeze-drying technology takes place at low temperatures, and the water in the frozen food does not melt into water, but sublimates directly out of the food into gas. The freeze-drying technology of pet freeze-drying food is basically the same, but frozen cat treats usually use pure natural meat, livers, fish and shrimp, fruits and vegetables as raw materials, without any additives such as attractant, preservative, oil and salt, which is an ideal natural pet food.    



How long do freeze-dried dog treats last?


If there are no opened, freeze-dried meats can keep for several years. However, the ingredients still contain a bit of moisture, causing the pet treats to eventually go bad.

If you have an unopened bag of pet treats that’s been around for more than one year, freeze dried kitten treats may still be good. If you open the bag or can and it already smells bad, please throw it away.  

Also, it is the best guide to check the bag’s expiration date whether the snacks are safe to give your pets.