Realhong Logistics Transportation Services

Shanghai Realhong International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a first-class intercontinental logistics cargo and shipment and international freight forwarding company with an independent freight forwarder network strictly approved by the Ministry of Commerce and has a team of high-quality experts with rich experience in international global freight cargo & logistic services, such as world freight services, domestic freight services, freight management services, logistics delivery service, and logistics consulting services. As an intercontinental logistics & cargo company, Realhong is also equipped with an excellent integrated logistics management system and web-based transportation management system.




As one of the professional 3pl logistics companies and 3pl service providers, Realhong mainly provides customers with high-quality 3pl third-party logistics services. Realhong is one of the top global logistics companies and top global logistics companies that has always taken the leading direction of global shipping logistics and freight management services. Global shipping service is one of the company’s core businesses. We can provide you with comprehensive international shipping including land transportation, packing, warehousing, customs declaration cargo tracking, destination port value-added services, and first-class 3pl solutions and freight forwarding solutions. Comprehensive international logistics delivery service and international transportation and logistics management are also available. At the same time, as the best services international freight ltd, Realhong has a good cooperative relationship with dozens of international liner companies and has signed prices for major global routes.




We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient, and constantly improving high-level product and logistics services including international freight forwarding services, domestic cargo services, 3pl services, door to door cargo services, pallet freight services, container transportation services, freight unloading, consolidation, and courier services, and ocean and air cargo services, as well as pursuing to become one of the largest and the best freight forwarding companies in the World.


Freight Services

There are four main types of service freight available to shippers in the freight world, ground (road)freight, railway, sea and air freight. Shanghai Realhong International Logistics Co., Ltd., as one of the reliable shipping freight, logistics consulting, and e-commerce logistics companies, has been focusing on shipping and has made outstanding achievements in this field. It is well-received and preferred by customers in various regions.


How To Choose Freight Services According To Your Needs?


When deciding whether to use sea and air freight shipping logistics services or land freight services for the next batch of goods, the following four main factors need to be considered: cost, speed, punctuality, and environmental protection.



It is generally believed that the cost of land transportation is lower than maritime transport costs. In fact, it is necessary to refer to the weight of the object and the destination charge standard to make a judgment.




Air freight transportation is obviously better than air logistics and ocean logistics, but with the advancement of marine technology, the development of the new cana slowly makes up for this defect, which means air freight and sea transport have their own advantages.




In severe weather, shipping will be more affected, which may delay the delivery time.


Environmental Protection


It is obvious that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by air transportation is much greater than that of shipping.


In short, no matter which method, there are both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the shipper to decide which transportation method is most suitable for them, so that it is consistent with their company’s vision and values.