Bullet IP Camera Lite Series

Sunell industry-leading performance lite IP cameras deliver high-quality yet cost-effective surveillance performance for small and medium indoor applications.


How Do You Wire A PoE Camera?

This is Power over Ethernet (POE) bullet camera and requires a separate POE Injector or POE Switch to operate. When used with our NVR, our PoE cameras are easy to use to make a plug and play security camera system that requires zero configurations to connect.


How does Smart Detection with Lite Series Camera?

By smart detection, lite series IP camera can accurately detect person intrusion and line crossing before sending real-time alerts. It greatly reduces false alarms since less important objects are ignored.


Weatherproof Housing

These bullet IP camera is equipped with IP66 weatherproof de-signed. It can be used indoors and outdoors in any harsh weather conditions.

With IP66 weatherproof IP rating! The weather-resistant body and housing enable it to work perfectly even in bad weather, like in heavy rains.