Ledtop LED Screen Solutions

LED Screen has many advantages, such as high brightness, easy installation, lightweight, creativity, and so on. That’s why it is used in many fields. You know, the different application has their own special point. That’s why we designed many LED display cabinets in order to meet the demand for all kinds of applications.


Concerts & Festivals

It uses good quality led with high contrast. Outdoor cabinet has 500mmX500mm and 500mmX1000mm sizes, supporting fast assembly.



LED video wall is a perfect solution for churches to replace the traditional projection, with high resolution & brightness, much better performance to bring vivid and dynamic images and videos, besides, curved LED tile could meet to set up the creative shape of LED video wall.


Billboard & Signs

High brightness EMC memorable signs, max could reach 10,000 nits against the sunlight make sure perfect clear viewing performance, attract more audiences.