Full-color Camera Lite Series


The lite series is suitable for users who want high quality at a reasonable price. It features a superior cost/performance suitable for residential and small-medium business applications. The series offers a wide range of resolutions with Full-color/Starlight/general options to fit every scenario.


How the Lite Series Full Color Camera Works?

The lite series full-color cameras use large aperture lenses and white light.


At night, it will preferentially turn on the infrared fill light, and automatically turn on the white light when it detects someone entering the monitoring area, allowing the camera to act as a deterrent and illumination, as well as capture more detailed color images, and when the target leaves, it will switch to infrared Fill light.


How does Smart Detection with Lite Series Camera?

The Lite Series of cameras are equipped with intelligent detection, which can distinguish people from other targets through perimeter and single virtual fence, enabling accurate detection and allowing you to focus more keenly on real threats.


Weatherproof Housing

These full color IP camera is equipped with IP66 weatherproof de-signed. It can be used indoors and outdoors in any harsh weather conditions.