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Eddy Current Digital Coating Thickness Gauge ETG15FN

Mikrometry digital coating thickness meter gauge ETG15FN is an economical choice that provides high quality measurement of the paint thickness of car. ETG15FN is a dual-purpose elecoat coating thickness gauge with integrated design of sensor and host. It adopts the principle of magnetic method and eddy current method for measurement.


This gauge for measuring thickness can automatically identify ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. It can be used for non-destructive measurement of non-magnetic metal substrates or the thickness of the non-conductive coating layer on the non-magnetic substrate, this instrument is suitable for non-destructive with fast and precise measurement.


Compared with magnetic coating thickness gauge, the curent digital coating thickness meter gauge is suitable for non-conductive layer thickness measurement on conductive metals.


Features Of ETG15FN Eddy Current Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

· Very compact size with integrated probe.

· Magnetic induction method & Eddy Current (ISO 2178, ISO2160, ASTM D7091), Measure of the thickness of non ferromagnetic coating on ferromagnetic substrate and non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal collective.

· Quick one-hand operation. Place instrument on specimen and see the measured value.

· Ready to measure immediately without calibration.

· Easy to perform zero-point correction provides correct measurement results for measuring applications with little changes in shape and substrate material.

· The one-point calibration function allows for an adaptation in cases of severe changes in shape or substrate material and enables high-precision measurements in selected measurement ranges.

· Data transmitting to PC via USB cable.

· Statistic function allows for evaluation of a measurement series and display of the most significant characteristic statistical values.

· Auto power off.

· Wireless mini-printer.


Specifications Of ETG15FN Eddy Current Digital Coating Thickness Gauge


Test Method

Magnetic induction & Eddy current

Measuring Range






Data Memory

1500 readings


USB data transmission (with PCB software)


Dot matrix LCD screen with backlight (128X64)

Operating Temperature


Power Supply

1.5V*3 (AAA alkaline batteries)


88*67*30 mm


120 g


Iron matrix, aluminum matrix


Standard content of shipment


Thickness gauge, Substrate plate, Certification foils set, 3 AAA alkaline batteries, Data cable, Data logger software, Leather sheath, User’s manual, Manufacturer’s certificate.


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