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Fujinon EG-250PE5 Gastroscope

EG-250PE5 Video Gastroscope uses the latest Fujinon technology to provide an accurate result for people with narrow anatomy. The technology also makes it easier to conduct examinations with the slim insertion tube as the EG-250PE5 gastrointestinal video scope. The insertion tube has a diameter of 8.1 mm and its channel is 2.2 mm in diameter, and patients experience less pain when using this scope.


Designed with the highest quality, the EG-250PE5 also provides excellent image quality, ensuring better consultation results through accurate observation.


Parameters Of EG-250PE5 Gastroscope

Model: EG-250PE5


Field of view: 120°


Outer Diameter: 8.1mm


Working length: 1,100mm


Total Length: 1,400mm


Angulation range:  Up 210°


Down 90°


Right 100°


Left 100°


Compatible con/Compatible Of EG-250PE5 Gastroscope:

Fujinon EPX-201 Video Processor


Fujinon EPX-2200 Video Processor


Fujinon EPX-2500 Video Processor.