Urology Instruments

Urology department, is the main diagnosis and treatment of urinary system “surgery” part of the hospital department, the main treatment of various urinary diseases. BHKY Comknife® urological scalpels solves the difficulty of the operation and achieves the effect of fine dissection and separation of tissues. The best assistant for precision cutting surgery.


Different Urology Tools


Urology Dissection ScalpelThis blade is specially designed for vessel incision needs. Its depth-limit design provents the blades to cut through the vessel walls during incisions.


This scraper blade is specially designed to be used in vascular surgeries. Its double blades can not only perform dissection but stripping as well.


Urology Procedures


Coronary artery bypass surgery is an open heart operation. The operation will be carried out in two parts, one for the heart itself and the other for the bypass vessels in the leg.


The bypass vessels would bridge over the blocked area of the coronary artery, restoring blood supply to the heart muscle.


Urology Tools FAQs


Does urology instrument run on electricity?

No. This is a passive surgical instruments.


What’s the advantages compared to conventional urology instruments set?

Smaller, sharper and preciser.


What’s the sutiable indications or procedures in urology by using urology medical devices?

Vas deferens and epididymal tube, anastomosis Varicoceles, hypospadias in children, microscopic sperm extraction


Can I have free urology surgical instruments samples?

Maximum quantity is 2pcs. Please contact us for samples.