Command and Dispatch

Command and Dispatch

Through rich experiences in the public safety and general utility industries, Hytera provides a full spectrum offering that covers products and solutions in areas of command and control, help police officers, fire fighters, and customers from urban management, energy and traffic industries to improve their situational awareness capability and implement faster and more precise response.


Professional for Dedicated Areas

Hytera has dedicated to public security and rail transport industries for more than 25 years. Combine advanced computer and communication technology, provide integration, open and accurate applications to help customers better complete business processes.


Various Application Scenarios

Provide different suits of products to better meet the business requirements and future expansion of customers. With end-to-end solutions, customers can have tailored and modularized product selection and deployment.


Communication as One

As a pioneer in the industry, Hytera has launched a self-developed multimedia unified communication platform to connect applications ,networks, terminals . Integrate voice ,data ,video and analytics in one platform.