Small-sized Communication Command Vehicle

With strong mobility and low costs, the small-sized communication command vehicle provides basic communication and command functions. It is always ready for missions and applies to emergency response, daily patrol, and other tasks.


Short Wave

1.6 MHz to 30 MHz (Tx); 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz (Rx) High-gain vehicle-mounted short-wave antenna or semi-ring antenna Tx power: 125 W/30 W/15 W PEP, ±1.5 dB 500 programming channels (simplex or half-duplex) Communication distance: about 1,000 km


Hytera Image

Ku or Ka frequency band Equivalent diameter of communication-in-motion antenna: 0.6 m to 0.9 m Diameter of communication-in-immobility antenna: 1.0 m to 1.2m Transmission rate: 2 Mbps to 8 Mbps HD 1080P image transmission supported


Broadband Trunking System

Optional 1.4 GHz/1.8 GHz/other frequencies (customizable) Adjustable bandwidth: 20 MHz/15 MHz/10 MHz/5 MHz Tx power: 2 x 40 W Maximum number of online broadband terminals: 600