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Push-To-Talk over Wi-Fi

Broadband Push-to-talk over existing public or private Wi-Fi networks for teams


What is Push-To-Talk over Wi-Fi?

Push-to-talk over Wi-Fi(PTT over Wi-Fi) enables instant group voice and video calls using Wi-Fi network connections in large buildings, facilities, entertainment venues or campuses.

Wi-Fi is now virtually ubiquitous in all buildings and facilities, providing a vast opportunity for companies looking to leverage their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure investments.


PTT over Wi-Fi uses existing Wi-Fi networks and access points throughout the facility

• The first step in deploying PTT over Wi-Fi is to perform a site-wide bandwidth audit to ensure adequate network coverage throughout the facility.

• The second step was to install servers that would provide system connectivity between the Wi-Fi network, PoC devices, and the scheduling application.

• The final step is configuring the PoC devices with call groups and other features and assigning them to team members.


The managers can install web-based dispatching applications to initiate group voice and video calls to employees from a command center in extensive outdoor facilities, such as campuses or recreational complexes (zoos, theme parks, etc.). It is also possible to track the location of employees who carry PoC devices with built-in GPS functions in the dispatching application.


PTT over Wi-Fi is not limited to a single location. Several locations can be connected through an IP network (VLAN or VPN) and managed by one or more dispatching applications.

PTT over Wi-Fi can also be seamlessly integrated with a nationwide PoC network to enable communication with remote and mobile employees. By adding a SIM card, PoC devices can automatically switch to the LTE network when a caller moves out of range of the Wi-Fi network.


What is Push-To-Talk over Cellular?

Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) combines the functionality of radio and smartphone technology in a single device. Users can use PoC terminals for one-to-many and one-to-one real-time communications nationwide.

PoC provides two-way radio services over 3G, 4G and 5G technologies, leveraging the cellular infrastructure of mobile network operators, thereby creating a nationwide radio network. PoC can escape the range limitations of repeaters and base stations used in traditional radio networks and is the ideal communication device for mobile teams.


The Benefits of Push-To-Talk over Wi-Fi?



PTT over Wi-Fi uses the existing Wi-Fi network, so there is no need to purchase, operate and maintain any radio infrastructure, which reduces costs and enables rapid deployment. Like PoC systems, Wi-Fi does not require expensive radio frequency licenses, and in many high-density urban areas, there may no longer be the available spectrum.


Flexible Deployment

PTT over Wi-Fi provides flexible deployment for single-site or wide-area coverage. It can be deployed as a single-site radio network, or multiple sites can be connected via an IP network or VPN. PoC devices can also operate on a nationwide PoC network by installing a SIM card.


Multiple Capabilities

PTT over Wi-Fi provides the same instant voice group call capabilities as the PTT over Cellular and also allows video calls with devices that have cameras.



Ideal for on-site Wi-Fi equipped businesses.


Hytera Push-To-Talk over Wi-Fi Devices

Hytera PoC devices are designed specifically for professional business communications and enable instant group voice and video communications over Wi-Fi and nationwide 4G/5G cellular networks. They can automatically switch to LTE networks when out of Wi-Fi range.

Hytera PoC devices are rugged and support harsh outdoor work environments, and feature digital noise suppression and a high-volume speaker for good voice quality in noisy environments. They are also equipped with powerful batteries for long hours of operation.

Hytera PoC radios and body cameras feature a high-resolution LCD, dedicated PTT buttons, built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and a camera for video conferencing and sending images(only on some models).


PoC Radios

Equipped with services like instant individual and group call, multimedia sharing including text, picture and video, real-time tracking and flexible dispatching center, Hytera PoC solutions will optimize collaboration and


Body Cameras

Hytera brings Body Cameras to a new level with innovative hardware and software design, convergence with push-to-talk technology. Wherever 3G/LTE/WLAN networks are available, you can make a voice.