About Mission Critical Services


Mission Critical Services (MCS) refers to reliable broadband communications applications and the underlying infrastructure for safety, security, or emergency crisis management and prevention, where lives or social environments are at stake. This type of communication is typically associated with public safety operations.


3GPP published the first global Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) standard in 2016 (Rel-13). As 3GPP evolves, MCPTT services continue to be enhanced through Releases 14, 15, 16, and 17. The success of these 3GPP-based MCX service standards has laid the foundation for the global commercial rollout of nationwide broadband critical communications deployments.


While the key application industry for MCX services is public safety, other verticals that require mission-critical communications are also very interested in deploying MCX-based services (e.g. rail transit, maritime, aviation, and any industry that requires critical communications with stringent requirements).


Hytera MCS Solutions

Hytera MCS HyTalk MC solution fully complies with 3GPP mission-critical standards, including MCPTT, MCVideo, and MCData. It consists of rugged trunking terminals, eNB (evolved NodeB), EPC (Evolved Packet Core), MCS service platform, network management system (NMS), and the unified & visual dispatching system.

Hytera MCS solution features high QoS (Quality of Service), low latency, backup, and redundancy to protect data better and provides multiple trunking services such as MCPTT calls, video group calls, file distribution, delayed entry, DGNA, and more.

Hytera MCS solution supports seamless interconnection with the existing narrowband network TETRA. In the MCPTT Plugtest organized by ETSI, Hytera’s MCS solution was proved interoperable with 12 other vendors.