Commercial Automatic Coffee Machines

Colet commercial automatic coffee machines are upgraded from home automatic coffee machines, our distributors also called them fully automatic coffee machines in the commercial version.


Compared with home automatic coffee machines, commercial all-in-one automatic coffee machines strengthen the core parts like a brewer, bean grinder, gear, and so on, in order to fit with bigger volume use than normal home automatic coffee machines.




With commercial use pack, which includes a big waste container as a base, a big coffee bean container, and a water supply system, it can meet most commercial coffee supply requirements with just a little price increase than home automatic coffee machines.


As a professional commercial coffee machine manufacturer, Colet also prepared rich products to the line for commercial automatic coffee machines for sale:


If users need a coffee machine with more need of cappuccino and latte, please choose Colet Commercial One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine, with one-touch cappuccino and latte function;