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Custom Design Magnets

Types of Custom Metal Design Magnets for Sale


Permanent magnets are central components of many electromechanical machines and electronic devices. The choice and use of the magnetic materials will affect the performance, size, and cost of the end product.


As the magnetic products supplier, Leyuan can provide custom shaped permanent magnetic products with engineering and design assistance, such as custom round magnets, custom square magnets; we have deep experiences in custom design magnets, such as custom-cut magnets, custom shaped magnets, and custom sized magnets and in addressing the unique needs of separation and transmission, using our core engineering expertise and in-house manufacturing facilities.


Types of Custom Metal Design Magnets for Sale

Leyuan Encupsulation Magnets

Leyuan Component Of Magnet Load

Leyuan Rotor

Leyuan Magnets Sealed By Laser Welding

Leyuan Magnetic Brake For Water Blasting Gun

Leyuan Magnet In Housing


Testing & Inspection of Custom-cut Industrial Magnets


Some custom design magnets of different shapes and sizes, such as custom round magnets and custom square magnets, are used in special environments. In addition to meeting the main indicators, Leyuan group will also carry out other tests and inspections according to the use environment. Testing items include:


Salt spray testing

High temperature

Low temperature

Thermal Shock

Pulling force

Torque Inspection

Adhesive Test (Includes Glue and Coating)

Pressure Test