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Compostable Tableware in Catering

Catering is the business of providing food service in remote locations or locations such as hotels, hospitals, bars, airplanes, cruise ships, parks, festivals, filming locations, or movie studios. Enterprises that provide this kind of business consider more food hygiene and kitchen waste disposal issues. Disposable and non-reusable tableware can effectively prevent the cross-infection of infectious diseases through unclean tableware, and solve health and hygiene problems; secondly, it does not need to consume a lot of manpower and time to slowly clean and disinfect tableware, which virtually saves the enterprise manpower can be invested in sales to create more revenue for the company; the last disposable degradable and compostable tableware does not need to spend extra time on sorting kitchen waste. That’s three kills with one arrow!


Advantages of Compostable Tableware in Catering

Disposable tableware in catering services only needs to be buried in the soil to degrade, and the carbon dioxide produced will directly enter the soil organic matter or be absorbed by plants, and will not be discharged into the air and will not cause the greenhouse effect.


According to a report published in National Geographic, the oceans are polluted by 18 billion pounds of single-use plastics of all kinds because they cannot break down. In the huge catering service market, if we all use disposable compostable and degradable tableware, it will definitely greatly reduce marine pollution.


The kitchen waste generated in catering service does not need any garbage bags, the best way is to clean it up without taking any special measures, all we have to do is to put them in the compost bin and let the garbage decompose naturally.