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Compostable Tableware Used In Supermarket

Each country has proposed a “plastic ban” or “plastic restriction order” one after another, bringing different tests to all walks of life. As a global retail giant, large supermarkets are at the forefront of the times and shoulder the social responsibility of promoting a “green earth”. And we, as a supplier of tableware for large supermarkets, whether it is disposable lunch boxes, soup bowls, sauce cups, sushi plates, fruit plates, cake plates, compartment food containers, or disposable straws, cup lids, knives, forks and spoons , our company will do our best to meet the needs of human beings around the world. From the procurement of sustainable plant fiber raw materials to fully automated production and intelligent shipments, our company will strictly supervise every link, implement the “zero waste” policy, and be the solid backing of the world’s large supermarkets.


Advantages of Compostable Tableware in Supermarket

Disposable, degradable, compostable, and recyclable tableware sold by large supermarkets with regular channels has complete qualifications, is safe and non-toxic, and has guaranteed quality. It is the first choice for all household consumption or parties, or the opening of small coffee shops, restaurants, and cake shops.


In order to respond to the “green and environmental protection” policy, large supermarkets will always lead the trend of the times. They will sell disposable degradable and compostable tableware by category according to packaging, themes, materials, etc., so that consumers can quickly purchase according to their own needs and budget. They can find the favorite tableware and experience the joy of shopping.


Consumers can quickly compare the prices of different raw materials when purchasing disposable recyclable, degradable and compostable tableware in large supermarkets. Generally speaking, our bagasse tableware is more favorable than PLA tableware, ordinary plates are more cost-effective than customized color-printed plates, and large-packed tableware is more economical than small-packed tableware.