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Specimen Collection Containers

Gongdong specimen collection containers, bottles, cups, jars and tubes, are designed for collect, storage and transfer of lab or biological sepcimen or samples Made of high grade virgin PS(polystyrene) or PP (Polypropylene) plastic materials.


Specimen Collection Containers Manufacturing


GongdongTM specimen Collection system, including varieties of containers, tubes and traps, is intended to be used in clinical lab according to the instructions provided for collection, preservation, transport and storage of dry or wet body fluids specimens, which would alleviate mess and exposure and avoid crosss contamination in urine, fecal or mucus collection and sampling.


What is a sterile specimen container?


Specimen container sterilized by EOG processing are individually wrapped/packaged with an integrity sealed bag, ususlly with a 3-year valid date.


Nonsterilized specimen containers are packaged in numbers/bulk and separately packaged from caps, ususlly with a 5-year valid date.


Benefits of Specimen Collection Containers


1. Stool specimen collection

Stool specimen container is made from a durable polystyrene materials that is not easy to break during the specimen collection and transportation. It can effectively prevent the drying, spill and leakage of stool specimen and good for specimen marking, bulk delivering, and sampling during specimen testing. Stool specimen container is steriled that can be used to microbial or viral culture, and collect for ova and parasite testing, fecal occult blood testing, and chemical analysis.


2. Sputum specimen collection

Sputum specimen collection is designed to collect, hold, and stabilize sputum specimens, and available in several sizes, capacities, materials, etc. It can effectively prevent the drying, spill and leakage of sputum specimen. Sputum specimen collection and handling products are performed for patients whose treatment is been monitored or who are suspect of having lung infections, inflammation, or other disease processes.


3. Urine specimen collection

The urine specimen container has a thick, even wall made of medical plastic and is humanized in design. It can be graduated to various calibrations and can be customized according to customers’ requirements. The Gongdong urine specimen container allows for the secure collection, transport, and testing of urine, which has resolved a number of issues including the submission of urine samples, computer assistance, specimen contamination, and more. Urine test is widely used in clinical and laboratory tests. For example, urine test can show whether you may have diabetes or are suffering from a urinary tract infection. Besides, urine test is also used to detect or monitor illegal drugs use in many jobs, professions, and athletic competitions.


Production Advantages of Specimen Collection Containers


Gongdong provides safe and accurate specimen collection and specimen transportation solutions and cost-efficient body fluids sample processing systems for diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.


Our self-managed plastic injection moulding factory to reduce lead times for mould tool sets, to bring your products to market faster and more efficiently than your competitors.


More than 150 professional R&D and production engineers to make your products with high-quality and cost-effectiveness.


300 injection/blow molding machines are synonymous with quality, reliability and production efficiency being operated by 2000+ employees, including Arburg/Demag high-speed injection machines with precision exported from Germany and Japan.


Certifications acquired:


ISO 13485 Certification


FDA Approved


CE Certification