• $20500

C&Q Amusement Vr Bumper Car

For nearly 100 years, bumper cars have become a popular attraction in theme parks and family entertainment centers around the world. With the addition of sensor-integrated VR tracking technology, the VR bumper car experience is more immersive and exciting than other driving simulators or arcade games. The speed of the bumper car in VR feels faster than real, the field feels bigger, and you feel like you’ve driven over cliffs and abysses.


In 2018, we established a partnership with Beijing Noitom Technology Ltd. Co-developed VR bumper car products, Beijing Noitom Technology Ltd. founded in 2012, It is an internationally competitive innovator of intelligent perception and immersive interaction technology. Our company is responsible for the research and development and production of fairground bumper cars, integrating INTO Noitom’s VR technology, and selling VR bumper cars to all countries in the world.


Specifications of Vr Bumper Car

Power supply:

220VAC± 10% 10KW

Rated voltage:

DC24V (power voltage) DC48V (VR equipment voltage)

Rated power:

700W (power) +160W (VR equipment power)


4 km/h

Front dimensions:

length 1.9m × width 1.1m × height 0.8m

Number of passengers:

2 (1 adult +1 child)

Anti-collision height:


Site area:

150㎡ (6 sets)

Passenger flow:

240 people/hour

Venue environment:


Floor material:

concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo