Construction Machinery Floating Seals

Construction machinery floating seals, also known as mechanical face seals or duo-cone seals, find various applications in construction machinery to provide effective sealing and protection in challenging environments. Here’s how floating seals are used in different construction machinery applications:


Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

Floating seals use in Tunnel boring machine are essential in the main drive and cutterhead assembly of tunnel boring machines. Floating Seals for Cutter Rollers prevent the ingress of abrasive materials, slurry, and water into the cutterhead bearings and drive components, ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of TBMs during tunnel excavation.


Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer/Stirrers/Rollers

Floating seals are used in the gearboxes and drive systems of concrete mixers, stirrers, and rollers to protect against dust, water, and concrete residue. These seals help maintain the longevity and performance of these construction machinery components, critical for producing high-quality concrete and achieving smooth construction operations.


Articulated Dump Truck

In articulated dump trucks, floating seals are employed in wheel hubs, axles, and other critical components to prevent the entry of contaminants like dirt, mud, and debris. Duo Cone Floating Seal For Articulated Dump Trucks contribute to the durability and efficiency of these trucks, especially when operating in rough terrains and construction sites.



Floating seals are commonly used in gearboxes across various construction machinery types, including excavators, bulldozers, and road headers. Floating seals for gearbox maintain the integrity of gearboxes by sealing them against external contaminants and lubricating oil leakage.


Boom-Type Road Header

Floating seals are crucial in boom-type road headers to protect gearboxes, cutterheads, and other drive components from abrasive materials encountered during tunneling and excavation. These seals extend the life of road headers and minimize maintenance requirements.



Bulldozers often use floating seals in critical areas such as track rollers, idlers, and final drives. Bulldozer floating seal groups protect components from dirt, rocks, and debris, ensuring the bulldozer’s performance and reducing downtime.



Floating seals are widely used in excavators, particularly in the track drive systems and main swing gear. Floating seals of excavator prevent the entry of soil, sand, and other contaminants into the critical components, thus increasing the service life and reliability of the excavator.


In construction machinery applications, floating seals play a vital role in prolonging the life of expensive components, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of construction equipment. Their sealing properties are particularly valuable in harsh and abrasive construction environments.