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Basement Cork Flooring/Tiles Planks

Cork flooring for basements is frequently used in many families for they have basements, however, which are shady and suitable to build wine cellars. The wine cellar requires few temperature changes, so the floor is of great importance. Wine cellars have high humidity and are important to choose moisture-resistant floors. Cork flooring for the basement is an ideal choice for wine cellar conditions.


Cork in the basement plays an important role in creating a stable environment for long-term wine storage. If the basement cork floor is not installed properly, it may cause serious problems in the future.


In addition, cork bathroom tiles are environmentally friendly and high-end, allowing you to better feel the quality of life.


Is cork flooring good for basements?

Of course! Cork flooring is an absolutely excellent choice for the basement cork floor. It not only benefits your home but also the environment. The eco cork flooring can be called the best choice for your family. Meanwhile, The basement is paved with wooden floors, and it is recommended that you pave a floating wood floor basement. Since the cork floor is moisture-proof, mothproof, fireproof, and warm and comfortable, the most important thing is the sound insulation of the cork floor. If preparing for a basement cork flooring, remember to follow the flooring warranty, check the humidity, and keep the basement not wet.


Cork floor basement pros cons



keep warm within the cork flooring for the basement

provide a comfortable, soft, and soothing underfoot  

effectively reduce the noisy echoes

adhere to the eco-friendly environment and without toxic materials

easy to install and maintain



invalid for the flooded basement

expands and contracts according to temperatures and humidity

Can cork flooring be installed on concrete?

Cork is also easier to install than traditional wood flooring. These cork flooring for the basement sit on top of plywood, concrete, or even existing flooring. Before installation, dry conditions shall also be ensured to meet the installation requirements, and water-based contact cement adhesive is probably needed.


Basement tile ideas

Enjoyable feelings. Basement cork flooring contains a lot of air, making it soft and cushioned underfoot and naturally shock-absorbing,which means that it is an ideal choice for your standing in the basement.

Be natural. The source of the material is the bark of the tree, the patterns and textures of basement cork floor vary, and you can enjoy a unique decor with a more rustic and organic appearance, which can be regarded as decorative cork tiles. Compared to other materials Cork flooring has a more natural look.

Get patterned. There are a variety of colors to choose, and you can choose from a variety of shades to get patterned, so you don’t have to be limited to one color. If you are bold enough, you can also cut the cork flooring to create your own unique and creative piece.