OEM and ODM are offered in fuyote. Fuyote is a 30 years floating seal manufacturer in china. Multiple types of floating seals can be chosen which contain sizes, materials, and design. Fuyote focus on large size floating seals. The largest size of fuyote floating seal is 1105mm. Fuyote also manufacture the o-rings in house which could give the convenient of floating seals OEM & ODM design.


Besides DO floating seals and DF floating seals, variety of mechanical face seals design can be chosen. For other tough working conditions, fuyote can also do a special design of floating seals to meet your need.


Depending on the different working conditions, floating seals material selections are significant in mechanical face seals design. Metal seal rings and o-rings materials are all offered to be customized according to your needs.


Packaging can also be customized for ODM & OEM service.


According to the different products, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) , price, delivery time, and transport mode are all different. For details please consult fuyote customer service.