Convex Probe

Stork Convex Ultrasound Probe which has a frequency from 2 to 5 MHz, revolutionized the industry by offering the ability to diagnose and treat patients sooner and with more accuracy. The Color Convex Ultrasound is one of imaging technology’s most affordable and available modalities. With its 128 number of elements and B-mode frequencies of Five adjustable levels, Color Doppler WiFi Convex Probe also has a Doppler frequency from 2 to 5 MHz and 128 / 256 scan lines in which it provides multiple displays.


At present, there are three types of convex probes made by Stork Healthcare: Lite31C convex probe, S31C convex probe, H31C convex probe.


What is a Convex ultrasound probe used for?

A convex array ultrasound probe uses low-frequency ultrasound to create high-resolution images of structures. This makes the probe ideal for imaging of abdomen, kidney, obstetrics.