Stork has a wide range of ultrasound transducers to cover whole-body examinations and to meet different clinical requirements. Stork ultrasound probe types: Standard Linear wireless ultrasound probe, Convex portable ultrasound probe, Phased Array probes. There are three series of different ultrasound probes: H31C/L, S31C/L, Lite31C/L/P.


Medical ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment technology is widely used with easy operation, low cost, no ionization, non-invasive or low trauma. The core component of ultrasonic equipment is an ultrasonic probe. Through the filling of an intermediate medium ultrasonic coupling agent, the ultrasonic probe and human body form a complete sealed acoustic wave penetration system, so as to complete disease diagnosis.


To know how to choose a portable ultrasound machine, you should learn some knowledge of ultrasound technology. Ultrasound is an advanced medical technology with good directionality. It is a common diagnostic method for doctors. Ultrasound is divided into A-type (oscillographic) method, B-type (imaging) method, M-type (echocardiography) method, fan type (two-dimensional echocardiography) method, Doppler ultrasound method, etc. In fact, the B-type method is divided into line scan (linear ultrasound probe), fan scan (fanning ultrasound probe) and arc scan (curved ultrasound probe), that is, the fan method should also be included in the B-type method. Buy quality portable ultrasound machines, please contact Stork first. As a professional pocket ultrasound machine manufacturer, we aim to make handheld ultrasound affordable for everyone.