CSCW-N180 Stick Curtain Wall

Stick curtain wall CSCW-N180 is an efficient and reliable curtain wall system with 80mm width profile sightline. Compare to unitized curtain wall, it is flexible for different construction condition and structures, and offer a competitive product cost.


Overview of CSCW-N180 Stick Curtain Wall



Data of of CSCW-N180 Stick Curtain Wall

Testing Data of CSCW-N180 Stick Curtain Wall



Benefit of of CSCW-N180 Stick Curtain Wall

 Certified performances in terms of air, water tightness and wind pressure.

 Flexible for on-site installation

 Cost efficient product compare to competition

 Vast alternatives in custom solutions tailor made to the building

 Enhancement of natural light

 Increased static robustness, even in extreme natural phenomena

 Minimum after sales service & maintaining

 Increased comfort level


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