CUCW-N142 Unitized Curtain Wall

Model No. CUCW-N142 is a self-designed, tested, and certificated unitized curtain wall system by CAS team. It is a cost efficient and performance unitized curtain wall, which combines minimal aesthetics with structural stability. Its structural silicone glazing construction offers maximum transparency at the external surface of the facade. Modular units, including glazing panes, are prefabricated in workshop conditions and this results in a fast and economic installation with minimum manpower and tooling requirements. This construction mode, renders CUCW-N142 an ideal system for high rise buildings,where meeting demanding deadlines is a prerequisite.


Benefit of CUCW-N142 Unitized Curtain Wall

Guaranteed waterproofness & airtightness


Great quality control from factory


Lower on-site installation cost


Shorter project schedule


Enhancement of natural light


Increased static robustness, even in extreme natural phenomena


Minimum after sales service & maintaining


Increased comfort level


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