LCD Video Wall

With the progress of the times, LCD video wall have been widely used in all walks of life. It solves various defects of traditional TV curtain walls and can display video information of various systems in a convenient, comprehensive and real-time manner, as well as screen segmentation for single-screen display or multi-screen displays. Variety of large-screen functions displayed. It’s suitable for advertising, information release, product introduction, emergency command, etc., In various industries and our daily work and life, we can often see LCD video walls, such as meeting rooms, hotels, shopping malls, airports and the education industry.

Types of LCD Video Wall

46 Inch Video Wall

With multi bezel options,like 0.88mm,1.7mm and 3.5mm, they can realize any combination of split screen and can achieve maximum 32 split screen for single screen.


49 Inch Video Wall

Centralized control, centralized management, to achieve different places and different times to play different content.


55 Inch Video Wall

This size video wall is the best choice for bigger projects and is the largest size commonly used.


2×2 Wall-mounted Splicing Screen

Wall-mounted LCD video wall installation is simple and fast, 2*2 video wall, as the smallest splicing arrangement, which is often used in smaller spaces.


3×3 Floor-standing Splicing Screen

Floor standing splicing screen, large screen display, can be used in larger display spaces, like conferences, shopping mall, with good viewing effect.


Shell of LCD Video Wall

Different Parts of LCD Digital Signage Video Wall


The shell of the LCD video wall is made of fully galvanized steel cabinet, the outer surface is imported metallic paint, and the internal structure is reinforced with reinforcing ribs according to the requirements, which is safe and stable.


LCD Video Wall Uses



The simplest one channel signal input, multiple channels of the same signal output, use the video distributor to achieve simple advertising display.