• $133250

Grey Built-in Dishwasher

For added convenience, the height-adjustable upper basket can be easily lifted or lowered when empty. With the flexibility to adjust the upper basket as you need, you will always find a place for everything. Sometimes a quick wash is all you need for a smaller load.


Use the rapid program for lightly soiled dishes at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and then just get on with your day.  


2 Votex spray arms are optional to work independently for heave oil-stained tableware.


Is That Difficult To Add A Built-in Dishwasher To A Kitchen?

Replacing an existing dishwasher is a relatively easy job (provided you’ve measured up correctly and your new dishwasher fits in the space under your bench). All the infrastructure you need – power, water, drainage, and space is already in place.


Where Can I Put a Freestanding Dishwasher?

Like your washing machine, a stand-alone dishwasher can be placed almost anywhere there is a water connection and drainage point.  You don’t need to build it in a separate unit, it will come with sides and a top so you can safely place it wherever it fits.